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Affordable parking by Ljubljana Airport

Affordable parking by Ljubljana Airport. 35€ per week, including free transport to and from the airport!

Parking Reservation - Ljubljana Airport

About Us

We offer affordable and secure car parking near Jože Pučnik Airport Ljubljana, Brnik. Transportation is taken care of, as the parking fee includes a shuttle service from our parking lot to the terminal and back.

Compared to the airport parking prices, our service is significantly more affordable. We provide complete security with surveillance cameras and take full care of your vehicle.

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Location Jagodic: Parking Letališče Ljubljana

Dvorje 62
4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem

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parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Airport Shuttle

The parking fee includes transport to and from the airport

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Security Cameras

Security is ensured with surveillance cameras

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

24/7 Availability

We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Lounge Bar and WC

Your comfort is ensured, and you can relax further in the bar

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

24/7 Security

There is always at least one person present at the parking lot, security is provided

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Hail Protection

We offer protective nets to safeguard your car against hail

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Secure Payment

All types of payment are possible, both cash and card

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Long-Term RV/Trailer Storage

You can also park your RV or trailer for an extended period with us

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Tailored to You

The entire offer is tailored to ensure your satisfaction

Pricelist - Parking Airport Ljubljana

Time Price
1 day15 €
2 days15 €
3 days20 €
4 days25 €
5 days30 €
6 days30 €
7 days35 €
8 days35 €
9 days40 €
10 days40 €
11 days45 €
12 days45 €
13 days50 €
14 days55 €
15 days55 €
Time Price
16 days60 €
17 days60 €
18 days65 €
19 days65 €
20 days70 €
21 days70 €
22 days75 €
23 days75 €
24 days80 €
25 days80 €
26 days85 €
27 days85 €
28 days90 €
29 days90 €
30 days95 €

Additional offer


Complete Cleaning

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

While you enjoy your trip, we take care of your car's cleanliness.

Exterior Cleaning

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

No time for a car wash before your trip? Don't worry, it will be as good as new when you return!

Interior Cleaning

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Take advantage of your trip to thoroughly clean the interior of your car.

Child Seat

0 free
parking airport ljubljana jagodic

When placing an order, you can select the option for a child seat free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve a parking spot near Brnik Airport?

You can easily reserve a parking spot through our website. Select your arrival and departure dates and times, and proceed with the reservation.

Where is Parking Jagodic located?

Parking Jagodic is located in Dvorje, 5 kilometers or a 5-minute drive from Jože Pučnik Airport Ljubljana. Map link

Is transport to the airport included in the parking fee?

Yes, the parking fee includes shuttle transport to and from the airport.

How long does the transport to the airport take?

The transport to the airport takes approximately 5 minutes.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

Cancellation options depend on the selected parking package. Check the cancellation policy when making your reservation.

Is the parking lot secure?

Yes, the parking lot has 24/7 video surveillance and security.

Where is the cheapest parking at Ljubljana Airport?

Our parking lot is the cheapest parking option at Ljubljana Airport.

Do you offer car cleaning services?

Yes, we offer complete car cleaning, exterior cleaning, and interior cleaning. You can book these services when reserving your parking spot.


A large parking lot, a lively bar at the entrance, and very friendly shuttle bus drivers who take you to the airport in a few minutes and also pick you up when you return. I recommend it if you are flying from Brnik.

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Matic K.

Google review

Very friendly, they provided transport to and from the airport as agreed. And they are also cheap.

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Dejan M.

Google review

Satisfied for 6 years with the parking lot and the services they provide. I recommended it to all my acquaintances, who are also satisfied.

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Marija R.

Google review

A professional parking lot with the option of adding hail protection and car cleaning. They take you to the airport and back in a shuttle van.

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Iztok M.

Google review

Good and affordable parking space near the airport. The shuttle bus takes you directly to the terminal upon departure and is already waiting for you at the airport upon arrival. Simply excellent!!!

parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Christian G.

Google review


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How to find affordable Parking at the Airport?

If you want to find cheap parking at the airport, you can follow the tips and strategies described in this article. Parking Jagodic is very affordable for the duration of your vacation.

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Key considerations when booking a parking at the airport

When booking a parking space at the airport, it is important to consider several factors to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Parking Jagodic meets all your needs.

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parking airport ljubljana jagodic

Complete offer at the Parking at Ljubljana Airport

Our parking lot at Brnik at Ljubljana Airport offers a comprehensive experience that allows you to focus on your journey without worrying about your car.

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Dvorje 62

4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem


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